My earliest memories revolved around books, and Egypt. I was convinced that I would be an author, a books store owner (to sell my books from), and an Egyptologist on the side. I believe I was in the third grade.

I went on to work a number of years advising people on which movies to watch, which cameras to buy, and recommending a number of books. I tried my hand at baristaing before landing a job as a 911 Communications Officer. At the time I had a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and I wanted to save the world. Eventually I decided to go back to school to finish my first Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership (I have another in Human Resources, because after all, why not have two?).

Recently I finished my first novel. I’m presently on the long hunt for representation and eventually publication. I am a contributing author for the book VETERANS VOICES, published by National Geographic.

When I don’t have my nose to a word document, it’s often found in a book. I enjoy bowling, golfing, dancing, and reading a good book. I have an immense love for board games and all supper geeky things, including my four foot tall Stormtrooper I named Kevin .



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